February 19, 2019


Sometimes a client's schedule requires faster action and resolution for estate liquidation, making our estate buyout services the ideal solution. This approach is often more appealing when family members are not local and have only a limited amount of time to devote to the process, yet still need a clear, solid sense of the ultimate outcome of the sale. In other instances, it may be a move due to a property sale or downsizing with a short time period.

For those needing a quick, stress free, and efficient means of liquidating household contents — from apartment to condo to freestanding home — we offer buyout services. While this approach generally results in a lower payout, here is a list of the benefits when you opt for this route: 

    • Clean out of a larger estate, such as a freestanding home, can be accomplished in two weeks.
    • Condominiums and other smaller cleanouts require no more than one week.
    • Of the items you don't wish to keep, you don't need to figure out what should be tossed. We'll take and deal with it all, both the good and bad.
    • Once you've identified what you wish to sell and we have agreed on a price, you are paid up front for your estate items.
    • Clean out is accomplished within the timeframe discussed.
    • Items that can be donated to local organizations such as Goodwill will be tagged for donation credit, with the client receiving the donation receipt.
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If you feel an estate buyout is the best fit for your situation and needs, contact us today (call us at 314-581-3891 or use the contact form below) to set up an appraisal of your items. We will do our very best to make you an honest and fair offer.

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